Four Hand Massage

Four Hand Massage

Four Hand Massage Not Any Special Service, it’s Just Two Staff’s Four Hand Will Work On You, But This Service Will Make Special Moment For You. You can Take Any type of Service with Four Hand Massage From Our List.

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For 60 Minutes

AED 500 / USD 136

For 90 Minutes

AED 750 / USD 205

For 120 Minutes

AED 1000 / USD 272

What is Four Hand Massage?

Two therapists provide a four-hands massage on a single person, frequently synchronizing their movements. It may seem like getting two complete body massages at once when you get a massage from four hands.The therapists will focus on each specific issue while you are completely relaxed by combining gradual, soothing approaches with harsher, deeper movements. Other massage techniques, such as deep tissue and reflexology, are frequently employed during this form of session.

Why you should get a Four-Hands Massage?

Your mind responds differently when your body is struck by two therapists and four hands.At first, you might find yourself attempting to keep track of the therapists—where each is and what each is doing—while also attempting to maintain everything in your thoughts in a fairly logical order. However, your brain quickly becomes confused about who is doing what and relinquishes control. Anyone who struggles to let go during treatments will benefit greatly from this powerful treatment.

Benefits of Four-Hands Massage

There are more advantages because this kind of massage combines several distinct massage techniques. By combining pressure point work and deep tissue procedures, it reduces muscle discomfort. The motions’ focus promotes blood flow, which breaks down accumulated toxins. It provides a wonderful and delightful sensation for the complete body.

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